We are the exclusive UK distributors for a range of high quality external poster cases and noticeboards produced in Germany.

We also offer a range of superbly engineered solar street furniture entirely manufactured in the UK and available through a network of distributors worldwide.



Poster cases and noticeboards

Designed for commercial use, our range of high quality noticeboards and poster cases can be found displaying information and graphics throughout the UK. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations.

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Solar powered street furniture

Easy and economic to install, green and environmentally friendly, our solar powered street furniture is designed to provide bright, reliable lighting in high latitudes and in harsh environments.

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Digital signage

Our e-vitrum range of HD digital display signage for both indoor and outdoor use includes models designed to cope with difficult environments from ski resorts to production facilities with high dust levels.

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Latest news

Solar lighting for pathways at Colchester Crematorium

Thirty onthebrightside solarposts have been installed at Colchester Crematorium providing lighting from dusk till dawn in sympathy with the surroundings. The installation was completed in July 2016. Delivery and installation was carried out by onthecase’s contractor and completed in just two days. Interruption to the working of the crematorium was minimal as was ... Read More >>

Solareye posts

Solareyes are solar powered lighting studs that are normally located into the surface of a drive or pathway. The introduction of the solareye posts will mean they can now be installed above ground where this is more appropriate. Read More >>

Solarpost solar powered lighting posts at Portavadie Marina, Argyll

Portavadie Marina in Argyll in Scotland is stunningly beautiful but a harsh climate for outside lighting. Onthebrightside solarpost lighting posts are now providing reliable, bright lighting along walkways at the Marina where illumination was needed to ensure safety near the water’s edge. Solar power was the ideal energy source for the location where ... Read More >>